Developing meaningful brands // Kehitettän merkityksellisiä brändejä


Redesign of a heritage Brand

Novita wanted to update their existing identity and packaging to be sold internationally across Europe. As the packaging is one of their main marketing and branding channels, they needed a packaging solution that would stand out and communicate their heritage and quality in a more meaningful way. As Novita had a huge assortment of garns and sub-brands for many different usages, the final design solution helped them categorize all of their garns. 

The design solution was realized by color-coding and dividing the garns into three different groups(classic, seasonal and natural-collection). This helped the client to map out their products and clarify the differences to the end consumer.

Client: Novita Oy

Market: Finland, retail

Category: Knitting/ Fashion

Scope: Brand renewal, Visual ID, Graphic design, Artwork & Design Manual, Advertising

Tags: Pakkaussuunnittelu, Pakkaus design, Brändäys, Brändisuunnittelu, Logosuunnittelu