Developing meaningful brands // Kehitettän merkityksellisiä brändejä



As one of Fazer's main topics has been reducing food waste, Tony Agency got the opportunity to help out in developing a new concept and brand that could communicate the efforts in an interesting way. Makea Moka is a mix of candies that are slightly unformed and might also have some colour variations that in normal cases would not end up on the retail shelves.

Makea moka(Sweet mistake) as a name explains the whole idea in a simple and funny way. The design was kept simple due to get the main communication to stand out. Additionally, the window of the pouch was kept larger so that consumers could better see what candies the pouch contains.

Client: Fazer Confectionery

Market: Finland

Category: Confectionery

Scope: Brand design, Ideation/Concept design, Packaging design & communication, Naming, Graphic design, design research

Tags: Pakkaussuunnittelu, Pakkaus design, Brändäys, Brändisuunnittelu, Logosuunnittelu