Developing meaningful brands // Kehitettän merkityksellisiä brändejä


Communicating local barley

Lapin Kulta was launching a new beer that was to be locally produced from Finnish barley. We identified a strategic opportunity for Lapin Kulta to own a language of Finnish harsh nature and the heritage of beer making. The Final design idea came from looking at pictures of barley fields in different seasons. The pilsner represents the season when barleys are reaped and the dark lager represents the season of sowing the fields. 

Client: Hartwall Oy

Market: Finland, retail

Category: Brewery/ Alcohol

Scope: Brand designl, Visual ID, Graphic design, Artwork & Advertising

Additional designer: Kimmo Korhonen (

Tags: Pakkaussuunnittelu, Pakkaus design, Brändäys, Brändisuunnittelu, Logosuunnittelu