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Tony Agency is a Finnish brand agency that uses a specialist business model. The Agency is run by Tony Dianoff who has experience from a wide area of design strategy, packaging/brand development, graphic design and design management. If some client projects needs more specific speciality, Tony is able to suggest a wide range of hand-picked freelancers from his network that could suit the project best. In other words, you’ll have an agency in the exact size of your needs with multiple capabilities. The outcome is that this leads to a more transparent, efficient and cost effective result between the two parties.


Tony Agency helps companies increase sales through discovering insights that are turned into meaningful brands. In short, we design brands that connect with peoples emotional values. Creativity, originality and unique storytelling is our main strength that helps our clients accomplish commercially successful products.

Tony usually don’t want to brag but he has also managed to win many international design awards throughout his career. To him this is a secondary thing, since first of all it’s about making profits to his clients.

Tony Agencies main goal is to make the decision making and design process as easy and as possible for our clients. As nowadays Brand owners, Brand managers and Category managers has to manage multiple brands, we know how challenging projects can sometimes be. Tony knows this very well, since he has seen and experienced it from the clients perspective when he has been working inside brand owner companies. This is how we also know how valuable a reliable design partnership can be who can offer true commitments to projects. Therefore we don’t mind if you’re a large or small company, since we consider every project as a high-priority.

Additionally, we have experience from many product categories and quick turn-around projects..


Tony Agency is led by Tony Dianoff who has an over 15 years of experience in the advertising, branding and packaging industry. He has worked as an Art Director, Design researcher, Packaging Design Director and as a Design Lecturer. He has won several international design awards and been recognized in many design articles. Now his focus lies in developing a service that will help his clients through project communicational barriers and to deliver brands that will succeed in the online and offline retail environment.

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